Agilent's SureGuide CRISPR Libraries

Agilent’s oligo library synthesis platform offers the world’s most advanced and reliable manufacturing scale array-based DNA synthesis. This platform empowers the printing of up to a million oligo features on a single chip, creating highly complex oligo pools with each oligo present in the precise ratios. The advanced chemistries developed at Agilent also enables the printing of longer oligos than are typically available from commercial suppliers.

Whether you are looking for the highest quality pre-defined content or you need to create your oligo libraries from the ground-up, Agilent has a solution for your CRISPR needs.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product selection

Custom CRISPR Libraries

Agilent uses an advanced DNA synthesis platform to offer fully custom CRISPR libraries compatible with any application or experimental approach.

GeCKO Libraries

Agilent’s GeCKO libraries assure that you can focus on your experimental design, leaving the library quality to us.

SureVector Cloning Kit

Reliably generate plasmid libraries and maintain maximum uniformity of representation in your unamplified or pre-amplified custom CRISPR libraries.

CRISPRa/i Libraries

Designed with content from UCSF, CRISPRa/i libraries give you full control of your targets and guide sequence.