Agilent Technologies

Building upon Stratagene's legacy of excellence, Agilent Technologies provides a wide range of high-fidelity, specialty, and routine molecular biology tools to meet all of your research needs. Agilent's tools span from innovative genome engineering to precision tools and solutions that are customizable, enabling next generation innovation. Agilent is dedicated to developing solutions for life sciences with precision that outperforms so you find answers that make a difference.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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PCR and qPCR Total Solutions

A wide selection of innovative products for faster, more accurate, and robust PCR and qPCR amplification.

Agilent's SureGuide CRISPR Libraries

Agilent's high-quality CRISPR products provide trusted reagents for applications ranging from therapeutic development to genome-wide screening.

Agilent's Mutagenesis, Cloning, and Competent Cells

Learn more about Agilent's cutting-edge molecular and synthetic biology solutions that will accelerate your research.

Agilent's Multiple Affinity Removal System (MARS)

Achieve reproducible and reliable results when you choose Agilent columns, cartridges, and supplies for Proteomics.

Agilent Technologies Samples