Agilent's Mutagenesis, Cloning, and Competent Cells

Agilent’s comprehensive collection of innovative molecular biology products enable researchers to streamline processes and move through workflows with both ease and confidence. The SureVector cloning system enables the rapid and reliable assembly of custom cloning and expression vectors.

Mutagenesis kits provide researchers with fast, easy, and efficient platforms for site-directed and random mutagenesis applications. The extensive line of competent cell strains provide the highest transformation efficiencies available. Agilent offers a solution for every situation with specialty cloning kits, viral expression systems, and vectors for any application.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product selection

QuikChange Lightning

QuickChange Lightning kits are the fastest and latest generation of market-leading, site-directed kits.


SureVector harnesses the power of synthetic biology, allowing you to combine standard DNA components to build your own custom vector construct.