Agilent's PCR and qPCR Total Solutions

Agilent's expertise in enzyme engineering has produced one of the broadest portfolios of PCR enzymes available today. Whether you need high fidelity or an economic, robust enzyme for routine PCR, Agilent's high performance enzymes can address your amplification challenges.

In addition, Agilent provides a total solution approach to real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR), simplifying the challenges faced from sample preparation to data analysis providing a complete workflow solution. Whether you are new or experienced in qPCR, your individual needs are met with a comprehensive range of products and support.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product selection

AriaMx Real-Time PCR Instrument

Experience total confidence with AriaMx’s blend of speed, agility, and precision.

Brilliant III QPCR & QRT-PCR Master Mixes

Increase overall sensitivity and speed through the novel, quick-activating hot start and the engineered Taq-mutant.

SureCycler 8800 Thermal Cycler

The SureCycler 8800 Thermal Cycler provides users with a complete package of market leading features and functionality.

PfuUltra II Fusion HS DNA Polymerase

With high-fidelity, the PfuUltra II features a genetically engineered mutant of Pfu DNA polymerase, the ArchaeMaxx Polymerase-Enhancing Factor, fusion technology, and hot start formulation.