Equipment Service Manager

Today you do your part to help minimize your organization’s costs through product standardization and quality assurance, striving to provide scientists with the most reliable and affordable equipment available on the market so that production will not be delayed. But what about tomorrow? Every day there are new advances in automation capabilities and an increasing emphasis on communication technology, especially cloud-based data and interfacing needed for 24-hour availability.

Avantor Services not only has the experience in these routines and challenges of equipment service management, but also the understanding of how this vital role fits into the overall function of the scientific workplace. Explore the resources below to learn how we can help you keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Service Solution Spotlight

Introducing our Equipment & Instrument Solutions with VEM and Our Technical Service Capabilities

Avantor Services helps you simplify equipment and instrument services, in and around the laboratory, as both onsite and mail-in solutions to meet your needs.

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