Lean Six Sigma Laboratory Process Consulting

Operational excellence and cost control enable leading companies to bring advancements in science to market faster. VWRCATALYST's team of field-based, Lean Six Sigma-trained Laboratory Process Consultants will help you make intelligent decisions that align with your business goals and strategy. Streamline procurement, optimize inventory, and manage your suppliers more effectively so your scientists can concentrate on research and innovation.

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Optimize Your Procurement Cycle and Supply Chain for Reliable Inventory
Time spent waiting for supplies is one of the biggest wastes facing labs across the globe. And when the procurement process is slow or unreliable, inventory accumulates at the bench and throughout the supply chain. VWRCATALYST offers expertise and a proven, structured approach that can optimize your procurement cycle, making sure the right products are stocked in the right amounts in each lab.

Consolidate for Efficiency and Continuity Throughout the Procurement Process
Managing multiple suppliers, contracts, pricing, and logistics is time-consuming. A perfect example of Lean thinking is consolidating your supplier base to a single point of contact that fully understands your needs. Our Lean Six Sigma-trained associates partner with you to reduce costs, increase speed, and drive quality.

Where to Begin: Lean Six Sigma Assessment
Our knowledgeable Laboratory Process Consultants conduct a holistic evaluation that identifies process improvements to achieve greater speed and cost savings. We learn your goals, objectives, and challenges, then map and implement processes that provide the best opportunities for innovation.

All Systems Aligned for Maximum Value
CATALYST understands the true transformational potential of Lean Six Sigma. We can help you aim beyond operational improvement by integrating systems throughout your organization to build a sustainable culture of innovation that drives your business’ success. We can also provide onsite support with proven systems and services that deliver the flexibility, quality, and velocity that enable your valued scientists to focus on their work.

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