Cell Culture Plasticware & Consumables

All you need for cell culture!

Surface treated plasticware for adherent cell growth. Also available with biological coatings or untreated for suspension cells.


All volumes, neck shapes, cap types and surface treatments and coatings!


Available in a variety of sizes, styles and surface treatments.


Membrane inserts fitting plates and dishes, used in a variety of applications, including transport studies, toxicity tests...


Available in a variety of sizes, styles and surface treatments, including IVF speciality dishes.


TC treated, available as round bottom or flat-sided tubes.

Roller Bottles

For the scale up of cell production.

Cell Factories

For industrial scale production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies or pharmaceuticals.

Cell Scrapers

Convenient tool for harvesting cells.

Bottles for Sera/Media

Plenty of choice here including the great value for money VWR Collection products.


Vials, coloured caps, bar coding, cryocanes, sleeves, boxes and racks - all are found here

Serological Pipettes

From 0.1 ml to 100 ml, with or without graduations, with varying accuracy depending on the task, sterile, non-sterile and individually wrapped

Centrifuges Tubes

Need a tube or bottle or rack? - we've got it!

Corning Life Sciences

Corning offers a comprehensive range of innovative, high-quality tools and solutions for life science research and bioproduction.

Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One, aworld-renowned partner for academia, research establishments, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific products provide a total cell culture solution that delivers the vital nutrients, surfaces, equipment, services and expert resources essential to advancing your research.


Throughout its 126-year history, WHEATON has been dedicated to supporting scientific advances and discovery by providing innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic, and specialty pharmaceutical industries...