Lucigen Competent Cells Samples

Spend time making your discoveries, not your competent cells.

E. cloni  10G – High efficiency cloning

  • Direct replacements for standard cloning strains (e.g., DH5α™, DH10B™, TOP10, XL1-Blue)
  • Optimized for high plasmid yields: T1 phage resistant, endonuclease and recombination deficient, blue/white screening-capable
  • Available in a range of high transformation efficiencies (5 × 109 to 4 × 1010 cfu/μg)

Endura – Reliable cloning of unstable DNA

  • Direct replacements for Stbl3™ and SURE strains
  • Optimized for maintaining DNA with inverted repeats and other unstable sequences
  • Highly recommended for GeCKO CRISPR libraries and other lentiviral vectors*
  • Available as highly efficient Chemically Competent or Electrocompetent cells

* As referenced in the GeCKO Genome-scale CRISPR Knock-Out protocol by Zhang Lab

Phage Display – Create larger libraries; speed discovery

  • Perfect for antibody phage display or peptide phage display libraries
  • ElectroCombo Pack contains three stains: TG1, SS320, ER2738
  • Highest efficiency TG1 competent cells available: ≥4 × 1010 cfu/µg
  • Your only source for electrocompetent SS320 and ER2738 cells
  • ER2738 strain is recommended for use with New England Biolab’s Ph.D.™ Phage Display Kits
  • Amber suppressor and non-amber suppressor lines for maximum flexibility

TransforMax EP1300 Electrocompetent E. coli

  • Clone large inserts and transform large plasmids - up to at least 145 kb plasmid DNA
  • Increase colony counts after transformation of Gibson Assembly® reactions
  • Achieve high transformation efficiencies: >1 × 1010 cfu/µg pUC19 DNA