Azure Biosystems Western Blotting

Azure Biosystems offers top-of-the-line reagents and imaging systems for an efficient Western blotting workflow. With unique and flexible gel imaging systems supported by a range of reagents and supplies, Azure can get you high-quality data and confidence in your results. Chemiluminescence or fluorescence, gel imaging or three-color Western blotting – let Azure help you each step of the way.

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Azure cSeries Advanced Imaging Systems

Azure cSeries Imaging systems are small, versatile, and upgradable. Choose based on your applications and needs.

Azure cSeries Gel Imaging Systems

Azure c150 and c200 Gel Docs offer visible, UV fluorescence, or blue excited DNA dyes. The c200 is upgradable for Western imaging.

Azure Western Blotting Reagents and Accessories

Azure reagents and accessories include everything from chemiluminescence substrates to fluorescent antibody labeling kits.

Application Notes

Application notes can help you decide which Western method to use, learn about three-color fluorescent Western blotting, etc.