Procurement and Supply Management

Our goal has always been to simplify inventory management. VWRCATALYST onsite services and technology help you streamline procurement, optimize inventory levels, and spend less time managing your lab supplies. So you can reduce costs and focus on science.

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In addition, we offer:

  • Point-of-Use Inventory Management: Through Lean supply chain management, we stock frequently used laboratory consumables in the right amounts, at the right locations. This can be done at convenient points of use or other stocking locations.
  • Shipping, Receiving, and Mailroom Support: Support with shipping of products (non-biological or chemical), receiving and checking of inventory, and performing security checks on mail for delivery to end users.
  • Garment Management Services: Management of cleanroon and laboratory coat items, including bar-coding for traceability and maintaining adequate supply. VWRCATALYST can work with or manage a third-party provider for this service.

Success Stories: Procurement and Supply Management

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