ProPac™ SAX-10 Anion Exchange Protein Columns, Thermo Scientific

Proveedor: Thermo Scientific
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10044-340EA 160340.4 MXN
10044-340 10043-338 10044-496 10044-498 10044-388 10044-330 10044-386 10044-534 10044-338
ProPac™ SAX-10 Anion Exchange Protein Columns, Thermo Scientific
Columnas de cromatografía
For exceptionally high resolution and efficiency anion-exchange separation of protein variants, use Thermo Scientific™ ProPac SAX and WAX strong and weak anion-exchange columns.

Based on a nonporous 10 µm core particle that provides pressure stability, these columns can resolve isoforms that differ by a single charged residue. A thin, hydrophilic layer prevents unwanted secondary interactions. The grafted anion-exchange surface provides pH-based selectivity control and fast mass transfer for high-efficiency separation and moderate capacity.
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