Chromatography Basic Glass Columns with PTFE Stopcock Plug, Kimble Chase

Proveedor: DWK Life Sciences
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KT420530-0241EA 2605.81 MXN
KT420530-0241 KT420530-0222 KT420530-0244 KT420530-0760 KT420530-0265 KT420530-0221 KT420530-0242 KT420530-0660 KT420530-0225 KT420530-0450 KT420530-0252 KT420530-0251 KT420530-0273 KT420530-0234 KT420530-0212 KT420530-0750 KT420530-0211 KT420530-0530 KT420530-0233 KT420530-0255 KT420530-0430 KT420530-0232 KT420530-0650 KT420530-0550 KT420530-0275 KT420530-0253 KT420530-0414 KT420530-0214 KT420530-0213 KT420530-0415
Chromatography Basic Glass Columns with PTFE Stopcock Plug, Kimble Chase
Columnas de cromatografía
A general purpose column for analytical separations.

A plug of glass wool can be used to support the column packing.

Certificaciones: Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements.
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