Septa GP, SGE

Proveedor: Trajan Scientific and Medical
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60361-502PK 1386.37 MXN
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Septa GP, SGE
Septa are designed to reliably seal against the carrier gas pressure in the inlet.

  • Good durability
  • Resealing, and tear resistance properties
  • Excellent solvent resistance

Septa GP combines significantly longer injection life, low bleed, and low injection port adhesion. Intended for low temperature applications, they are blister packed to prevent absorption from the environment.

All septa should be capable of being pierced and resealed time after time, without pieces of the septa being deposited in the GC inlet system. It is essential that the septa does not contaminate or bleed material into the chromatographic system.

Certificaciones: RoHS compliant per Directive 2011/65/EU.
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