PC Link Labels, Brady

Proveedor: Brady
62269 PTL-78-499 R6010 PTL-78-488 PTL-75-427 R6010 R4310 R4410-WT PTL-112-490 PTL-31-351 PTL-97-488 11253 PTL-29-499 PTL-108-461 PTL-80-488 PTL-78-490 PTL-11-499 PTL-74-461 PTL-84-499 PTL-79-461 PTL-98-499 PTL-77-461 PTL-83-499 PTL-75-461 PTL-76-490 PTL-82-499-YL R6210 PTL-82-499 18558 R4410-RD PTL-113-490 PTL-73-461 PTL-19-427 PTL-83-499-YL 18705 PTL-72-461 PTL-76-461 18704 18372 PTL-79-461 PTL-81-488 PTL-86-461
490006-272EA 1502.43 MXN
CA80090-202 CA80090-148 490006-272 CA80079-942 490006-250 CA80090-200 490006-232 490006-254 490006-210 490006-230 490006-252 490006-236 490006-258 490006-214 490006-212 490006-256 490006-234 490006-218 490006-238 490006-216 80090-208 490006-260 490006-280 490006-220 490006-264 490006-242 490006-286 80090-200 80090-148 490006-240 490006-262 80090-202 490006-246 490006-224 490006-244 490006-222 490006-266 490006-206 490006-228 490006-248 490006-226 490006-208
PC Link Labels, Brady
B-461: Self-laminating polyester is a clear film with a matte white printable zone ideal for cables, laboratory ID or general labeling where graphics need to be protected.
B-490: Durable polyester markers are designed for use in laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws and slides.

B-499: Nylon cloth wrap-around labels are highly pliable to conform to tightly curved surfaces such as wire and cable.
B-423: Permanent polyester is ideal for electronic PCB and component identification, bar code labels, rating plates and solar panel identification.

B-427: Self-laminating vinyl is an excellent material for wire and cable identification. This material has good clarity, conformability and is self-extinguishing.
B-351: Tamper-resistant vinyl is designed to fracture easily to show signs of product tampering and to prevent on-piece label removal.

B-435: Glossy metallized permanent polyester is designed for high adhesion to textured metals, powder coated surfaces and low surface energy plastics.

B-488: High performance polyester withstands numerous solvents and variable temperatures when applied to various surfaces including stainless steel and polypropylene.
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