Rtx®-200MS Low-Bleed GC-MS Columns (fused silica), Restek

Proveedor: Restek
15623-600 15608 15623 15624-600 15638 15624 15639 15654 15653 15654-6850
10058-500EA 23506.91 MXN
10850-046 10058-496 10058-498 10058-500 10851-976 10850-060 10058-268 10851-992 10058-494 10850-054
Rtx®-200MS Low-Bleed GC-MS Columns (fused silica), Restek
Columnas de cromatografía
Rtx®-200 columns have accomplished many difficult separations not possible on any other bonded stationary phase.

  • General-purpose columns
  • Equivalent to USP G6 phase
  • Inert properties
  • Mid-polarity columns
  • Low bleed
  • Exceptional thermal stability

The trifluoropropylmethyl polysiloxane stationary phase has a unique selectivity that changes elution orders and resolves compounds that phenyl, cyano, or Carbowax® phases cannot. The Rtx®-200 column offers exceptional thermal stability, low bleed, and superior inertness—even for active compounds such as phenols, and with sensitive detectors such as ECDs, NPDs, and MSDs. Column specifically tested for low-bleed performance.
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