Standard Laboratory Use Sterilizer with Dryer, Yamato

Proveedor: Yamato
SM-301 SM-501 SM-511 SM-201 SM-311
75846-584EA 365887.68 MXN
75999-344 75846-584 75846-694 75846-696 75846-586
Standard Laboratory Use Sterilizer with Dryer, Yamato
Esterilizadores Autoclaves (Esterilizadores de vapor)
This sterilizer offers fully automatic sterilization from start to finish with high-pressure steam sterilization and drying steps.

  • Automatic high pressure steam sterilization system
  • Drying material can be set according to sample material, quantity, and more
  • Digital, interactive key-input system
  • Quick sample drying capability

Operations can be carried out with an interactive key-input system, and a quick sample drying capability makes samples ready to use right after sterilization

The drying temperature can be set according to sample material, quality, and more. Self-diagnostic functions make operation safe and error recovery fast, and a condensation collector safely neutralizes high-temperature exhaust steam.

The front panel level indicator can quickly confirm the drain bottle water level, and the drain valve is on the front for easy access. The absence of protrusions in the sterilization chamber makes insertion and removal of baskets and other items simple. The sterilizer features a stainless steel interior.

Información para pedidos: Mesh baskets available. Additional stainless steel mesh baskets for sterilizers with or without adjustable, perforated stainless steel plates available separately.

Precaución: Note: Plug not included. Power cable is 3 meters. Performance based on 23 ±5 °C room temperature, 65%RH ±20% damper fully closed and no load. Overall dimensions do not include protrusions.
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