Masterflex® I/P® High-Performance ATEX Pump Head for High-Performance Precision Tubing, Avantor®

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MFLX77600-82CS 1340 MXN
Masterflex® I/P® High-Performance ATEX Pump Head for High-Performance Precision Tubing, Avantor®
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Get higher flow rates, pressure, and suction performance.

  • New design and automatic tubing retention allow for multiple tubing sizes—change tubing without removing head from drive
  • Three roller design for smooth flow
  • Stainless steel (SS) rotor / roller for greater durability and chemical resistance
  • Versatile mounting configurations—mount with tubing exiting to the top or side for flexible setup
  • C-shaped design allows tubing to enter and exit the same side of the pump head—facilitates connection to tubing inlet and outlet
  • Adjustable tubing retention; adjust to prevent tubing movement in head
  • ATEX Zone 2 approved pump head is rated to EEx II 3 G c II C T6

Ideal for industrial process and production applications requiring a single pump head, this heavy-duty three-roller pump head produces flow rates up to 19 LPM—the highest of any I/P pump head. Simple to load, it accepts Masterflex® I/P® high-performance precision pump tubing for greater pressure generation and suction lift, enhanced ability to pump viscous fluids, and longer tubing life.

Adjustable tubing retention holds tubing securely in place and prevents movement while in the head.
The I/P® High-Performance pump heads are compatible with I/P® pumps that accept two or more pump heads. Drives that accept two heads have enough torque to run pump head even under difficult conditions such as high back pressure.
Note: High-Performance pump head is not stackable.

Información de suministro: Includes mounting hardware, a 20" (51 cm) length of silicone pump tubing, and replaceable tang boot for quiet operation and long service life.
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