Masterflex® I/P® Digital Modular Drive Systems, Avantor®

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Masterflex® I/P® Digital Modular Drive Systems, Avantor®
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Place motor and controller where convenient with modular design.

  • Flow rate 0.06 to 8 LPM with I/P tubing—flow rate depends on drive rpm, pump head, and tubing size
  • Digital interface with LED display shows pump rpm— confirm speed setting at a glance
  • Remote control available using analog communication—voltage, current and contact closure
  • Powerful motor lets you stack two pump heads for increased flow rate while offering ±0.25% speed control accuracy
  • Membrane keypad allows for easy up-front control of speed, direction, and start/stop

I/P® modular drives feature reversible pumping while allowing you the flexibility to separate the motor from the controller. These accurate modular drives have powerful motors, speed display, and ±0.25% speed control for precise flow regulation—ideal for metering and critical transfer applications.
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