Glicerina vegetal 99.0-101.0% (by anhydrous basis) USP, J.T.Baker®


Synonyms: Glicerol

BAKR2142-01 BAKR2142-07 BAKR2142-01 BAKR2142-07 BAKR2142-03 BAKR2142-03 BAKR2142-09 BAKR2142-09 BAKR2142-01
JT2142-1CS 26843.17 MXN
CAJT2142-1 JT2142-3 CAJT2142-3 JT2142-1 CAJT2142-7 CAMK214201 CAJT2142-9 JT2142-9 JT2142-7
Glicerina vegetal 99.0-101.0% (by anhydrous basis) USP, J.T.Baker®

  • GMP manufactured product

MW: 92.09 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 290 °C (1013 hPa)
Mezcla Pt: 18.6 °C
Densidad: 1.26 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Flash Pt: 177 °C
Storage Temperature: Ambiente
MDL Number: MFCD00004722
Núm. CAS: 56-81-5
EINECS: 200-289-5
Merck Index: 13,04497

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Resultados test especificaciones

GMP Manufactured Product
Meets U.S.P Requirements
CAUTION: For Manufacturing, processing or repackaging
Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemical
USP - Assay (as HOCH₂CHOHCH₂OH) (calculated on anhydrous basis) 99.0 - 101.0 %
USP - Identification A Passes Test
USP - Identification B - Diethylene Glycol ≤0.10 %
USP - Identification B - Ethylene Glycol ≤0.10 %
USP - Identification C Passes Test
USP - Specific Gravity at 25°/25°C ≥1.249
USP - Color Passes Test
USP - Residue on Ignition ≤0.01 %
USP - Chloride (Cl) ≤0.001 %
USP - Sulfate (SO₄) ≤0.002 %
USP - Chlorinated Compounds (as Cl) ≤0.003 %
USP - Fatty Acids and Esters Passes Test
USP - Water (H₂O) ≤5.0 %
USP - Related Compounds: Individual Impurity ≤0.1 %
USP - Related Compo unds: Total Impurities ≤1.0 %
No Class 1,2,3 or other solvents are used or produced in the
manufacturing or purification of the product.
Elemental Impurities (USP 232, EP 5.20) - Information on elemental
impurities for this product is available on the associated Product
Regulatory Data Sheet and elemental impurity profile report.

Algunos números de catálogo podrían haber cambiado derivado de una estandarización global. Los productos o empaques no están afectados.

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