Kapak SealPAK 400 and 500 Series Pouches, Ampac Flexibles

Proveedor: Ampac Flexibles
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11214-491CS 48409.1 MXN
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Kapak SealPAK 400 and 500 Series Pouches, Ampac Flexibles
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Boilable, freezable, and microwavable polyester/polyethylene (PET/PE) laminated Kapak pouches combine tensile strength with strong heat seals and superior barrier properties.

Regular weight 2.5 mil material is best for moderate protection from handling and chemical or environmental contact. Tear notches included. Heavy-duty 4.5 mil material is best for institutional and industrial use; they are also suitable for long-term storage and mailing. Tear notches not included.

These pouches will sustain temperatures from –56 to +115 °C (–70 to +240 °F). Safe for use with concentrations of formaldehyde, most acids, alkalies, greases, oils, and organic solvents. Transparent, airtight, moisture, and odor-proof. They can withstand infrared and gamma rays. These pouches can be surface sterilized using VHP. Ideal for histology and pathology specimens, as well as safe biological waste disposal in medical, institutional, and industrial facilities. Seal using vacuum or commercial heat-sealing equipment
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