French Square Bottles, Clear, Wide Mouth, KIMBLE®, DWK Life Sciences

Proveedor: DWK Life Sciences
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French Square Bottles, Clear, Wide Mouth, KIMBLE®, DWK Life Sciences
Frascos Botellas de vidrio
Clear, sturdy bottles are constructed of Type III soda-lime glass and feature a wide mouth design to facilitate the addition and removal of sample contents.

  • Unless otherwise noted, bottles are supplied with black phenolic caps

The clear glass design allows for constant viewing of contents. Square bottle shapes help to maximize storage and shelf space.

Envase: Convenience packs consist of corrugated cases with dividers separating glassware in smaller quantities (12 to 48 per pack). Bulk packs consist of shrink-wrapped glassware bundles (12 to 432 per wrap) packaged in corrugated cases. Bottle caps are included in separate bags within the case. Bottles sold without caps are also packaged in bulk packs.
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