WypAll® X60 Wipers, Kimberly-Clark Professional®

Proveedor: Kimberly-Clark
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76326-016CS 1104 MXN
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WypAll® X60 Wipers, Kimberly-Clark Professional®
Toallitas Paños de limpieza reutilizables Paños para aplicaciones generales
WypAll® X60 Cloths are absorbent, lightweight, and reinforced to stay strong in light-duty cleaning tasks.

  • Embossed surface traps and holds dirt and liquids
  • Can absorb more than 2× as much water as rags
  • Can be used in a range of medium- to heavy-duty applications
  • Contains no adhesives or binders, yet they hold together and don’t leave residues behind
  • Tough enough for big jobs, but soft enough for use on face and hands
  • Can be used wet or dry

Durable, uniformly reinforced towels for extra scrubbing and cleaning power. Embossed surface traps and holds dirt and liquids. Can be used in a full range of applications including utility companies, plant and fleet maintenance, machine shops, ore mines, and grocery stores. No adhesives or binders; wipers leave nothing behind. Tough enough for big jobs, yet soft enough for face and hands. Available in a variety of sizes and formats. Wipers 21903-040 and 37002-024 are hygienic washcloths that are excellent for both body cleansing and drying.
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