WypAll® X70 Wipers, Kimberly-Clark Professional®

Proveedor: Kimberly-Clark
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WypAll® X70 Wipers, Kimberly-Clark Professional®
Toallitas Paños de limpieza reutilizables Paños para aplicaciones generales
WypAll® X70 Cloths are durable, reusable, absorbent, and stay strong for better cleaning performance.

  • Fast absorbing HYDROKNIT® material is a hydroentangled cellulose/polypropylene blend with no adhesives or chemical binders
  • Durable, rag-tough construction and textured surface
  • Reusable, will not fall apart when wet
  • Ideal for cleaning oil, dirt, grime, and solvents
  • Picks up water almost instantly, and hangs on for fewer drips, outperforming laundered shop rags

For use in heavy manufacturing, transportation fleet maintenance, metal fabrication, machine shops, tool and die shops, and processing plants for chemicals, refining, rubber, and plastics. Made of fast absorbing HYDROKNIT™ material, a hydroentangled cellulose/polypropylene blend without adhesives or chemical binders. Feature durable, rag-tough construction and a textured surface, yet are soft and pliable. Wipers can stand up to the toughest industrial cleaning tasks. They are reusable and will not fall apart when wet. Long-lasting, on-the-job performance allows extended usage, reducing cost and waste.

Pound for pound absorbs more oil and water than rags.
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