VWR® Micro Incinerator

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VWR® Micro Incinerator
Esterilizadores Esterilizadores de asas
VWR® Micro Incinerator is designed to sterilize metal inoculating loops and needles without using an open flame; eliminating aerosoling of microorganisms.

  • Quickly and safely sterilizes metal loops and needles
  • Ergonomic design

By using infrared heat inside a ceramic tube, the Nova Microcinerator protects your laboratory technicians from dangerous gases, flames and splatter

Attach the slide dryer to use the heat already generated by your incinerator to dry you slides, sputums, exudates and other thick mucous fluids with no morphological distortions. It also works great for dissolving epithelium using the KOH mycology technique. This slide dryer is a safe and easy way to utilize what your incinerator is already producing.

The loop rest can be used to protect loop handles from overheating and/or melting. It will fit any loop and attaches easily to all incinerators.

The heating element is protected by a perforated stainless steel cowl. Unlike other models with fixed burner assemblies; the Nova can be adjusted to five different positions in 8° increments (-8° - +32°). The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue by allowing the user to access the burner from multiple positions.

Información para pedidos: The VWR® Micro Incinerator (excluding the sterilizing element) is supplied with a one-year warranty. The sterilizing element is supplied with a six-month warranty.
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