Rtx®-5 Amine Columns, Restek

Proveedor: Restek
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RK12354EA 25080 MXN
10803-182 75849-890 10849-600 10849-764 10849-632 10849-636 10058-376 RK12350 10060-032 RK12385 RK12352 RK12353 RK12382 RK12369 RK12338 RK12354 RK12355 RK-12351 RK12366 10849-492
Rtx®-5 Amine Columns, Restek
Columnas de cromatografía
These base-deactivated, low-polarity columns are designed for the analysis of basic compounds such as alkylamines, diamines, triamines, ethanolamines, and nitrogen-containing heterocycles, as well as neutral compounds, adsorptive compounds with oxygen groups susceptible to hydrogen bonding, and mildly acidic compounds such as phenol.

  • Eliminate the need to derivatize basic compounds
  • Low-polarity column
  • Internal dimensions and film thickness vary between models

Rtx®-5 Amine columns eliminate the need to derivatize the basic compounds before analysis while reducing adsorption and improving response for these compounds. Phase composition: Crossbond® 5% phenyl, 95% dimethylpolysiloxane.
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