PYREX® Separating Funnels, Squibb, Glass, Corning

Proveedor: Corning
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PYREX® Separating Funnels, Squibb, Glass, Corning
Embudos Embudos de separación
PYREX® borosilicate glass, teflon stopcock, HDPE stoppers.

These separatory funnels are sturdy and durable. The replaceable PTFE stopcock assembly features a simple screw thread locking nut and collar which ensure that the stopcock cannot fall out in use. The tip is replaceable. Its ground end provides a better grip. The complete funnel includes [ST] high density polyethylene stoppers of 7 mm Ø stem.

Información para pedidos: The replacement parts such as tip, stopcocks and funnel alone available and can be ordered separately.
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