VWR® Culture Tubes, Disposable, Borosilicate Glass

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VWR® Culture Tubes, Disposable, Borosilicate Glass
Tubos Tubos para cultivo
VWR® Disposable Culture Tubes are resistant to chemical attack and weathering.

  • Chemically inert
  • High heat tolerance
  • Uniform dimensions
  • Convenient dispensing packages

Manufactured from Type I, Class B borosilicate glass, each tube is heat-treated at temperatures exceeding 500 °C (932 °F) immediately before packing, which eliminates contamination, increases strength, and reduces breakage.

Contents will not leach out and contaminate solutions. Borosilicate glass construction prevents pH change in laboratory tests.

Tubes exceed USP Type I specifications. Tubes feature well-rounded bottoms and fire-polished tops free of rough edges. Dimensional specifications of these tubes are rigidly controlled for reliable, uniform results. Tubes are clean-sealed in a convenient dispensing package to keep them free from dust and other particulate contamination. Tube 47729-566 is also known as a Durham tube.

Información para pedidos: Due to machine packaging, quantities per case are approximate.
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