SP Bel-Art 96 Deep-Well Plate, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP

Proveedor: Bel-Art
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16550-106CS 10028.82 MXN
16550-106 16550-104
SP Bel-Art 96 Deep-Well Plate, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP
Microplacas Placas Deep Well
Offers the working volume of a culture tube and the convenience of a 96-well plate format.

  • Compatible with deep freezing work or sample storage
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Autoclavable
  • Optional specially designed polypropylene cover

Can be used for a variety of processes and operations such as sequencing, precipitations and dilutions, and is compatible with deep freezing work or sample storage

Some of the compatible robotic workstations include Zymark, Tecan, Hamilton Rasys and Beckman. The plates are molded of autoclavable polypropylene, and each 2 mL well has a round bottom for easy sample retrieval. Wells are alphanumerically identified. An optional, specially designed polypropylene cover separates each well with a sealing ring to reduce evaporation and permits safe and stable stacking of plates.

Covers are keyed to fit only one way. Individually packaged and available sterile or non-sterile. Steam autoclavable at 121ºC (250ºF) Dimensions: 12.8 x 8.5 x 4.1 cm (5 x 3⅜ x 1⅝"). Side loader collars are required for side loading Beckman Biomek Systems.

Ideal for manual 8- and 12-channel pipetting procedures and compatible with robotic sampling processors and automated liquid handling systems.

Información para pedidos: Plates are individually wrapped.
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