PlusOne™ Acrylamide IEF, ReadySol, Cytiva

Proveedor: Cytiva
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95017-104EA 5257.45 MXN
CA95017-104L CA95017-110L 95017-104
PlusOne™ Acrylamide IEF, ReadySol, Cytiva
Geles de eletroforesis Agarosa y acrilamida
PlusOne™ Acrylamide IEF is outstanding for use in isoelectric focusing and DNA sequencing. In addition to the absence of impurities that interfere with polymerisation, acrylamide IEF is essentially free of charged acrylamide derivatives (<20 ppm) for very stable pH gradients. ReadySol, a solution of acrylamide and bisacrylamide, is convenient and fast with minimal preparation and handling. ReadySol ensures a reproducible solution composition.
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