Automated Electronic Sterilizers, Heidolph Tuttnauer

Proveedor: Heidolph
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Automated Electronic Sterilizers, Heidolph Tuttnauer
Esterilizadores Autoclaves (Esterilizadores de vapor)
These sterilizers provide a fast, safe, dependable, and convenient means of sterilizing wrapped instruments, media, glassware, clothing, and waste.

Standard operating features include a self-contained design eliminating external plumbing and hardwiring for easy installation. The design offers simple operation and fast/slow exhaust. Fast exhaust allows quick cycle time of solids, while slow exhaust prevents media and liquid boil-over. ASME-stamped, 316L stainless steel chamber ensures long-lasting reliability, durability, and high corrosion resistance. Closed-door drying system maintains sterility while the drying cycle removes residual moisture after sterilization. The 120V units have a reservoir volume of 3L, while 220 units have a 6L reservoir volume. Environmental model 2540EPK is an exception, with a 3L reservoir volume. Standard safety features include a heat-insulated, double-locking door that protects against accidental burns. The door cannot be opened while the chamber is under pressure. An automatic low water level shut-off prevents damage to the heater elements if there is insufficient water for the sterilization cycle. The over-temperature cut-off and over-pressure valve ensure safe operation.

The “EA” models are ideal for sterilizing wrapped and sealed instruments. These fully automatic autoclaves are specially designed with preloaded cycles for sterilizing packs, pouches, sealed pipette racks, unwrapped instruments, and other contained/wrapped materials. The highly efficient air-driven pump circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle to ensure thorough drying of samples and to reduce overall drying time.

The “EAP”, or Kwiklave model, cuts sterilization time in half. These units are ideal for fast instrument turnaround. They offers all standard operating and safety features, plus a special quick cycle. Advanced heating elements reduce the time needed for the autoclave to reach optimal sterilization temperature, reducing overall sterilization time by up to 50%.

Environmental Model 2540EPK meets EPA guidelines and is perfect for environmental labs. In addition to standard features, it includes an accelerated cycle time and a built-in printer for sterilization cycle validation.

The line includes a wide range of models, from economic manually controlled analog models to electronically controlled models with a built-in printer for GLP-compliant documentation.

Certificaciones: UL listed and CSA certified.

Información para pedidos: Units are supplied with One-Year Warranty on parts, instruction manuals, and stainless steel trays.
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