Nalgene® Safety Waste Systems, Thermo Scientific

Proveedor: Thermo Scientific
6379-0010 6379-0004
73520-202CS 2623.1 MXN
73520-204 73520-202
Nalgene® Safety Waste Systems, Thermo Scientific
Embudos Embudos de seguridad
For temporary disposal of most chemical and biological wastes

Red, hinged cover seals funnel, reducing the level of volatiles evaporating into the air. Easy-snap safety latch minimizes spillage if system is tipped over. Redesigned vent system with filter reduces fumes and splashing. Large-diameter funnels, in addition to the vents, enable fast and easy pouring. Funnel stem extends below the liquid level to reduce the evaporation rate. Removable neck screen helps trap large particles, like stir bars.

Plastic containers are durable, chemical-resistant and break-resistant — safer than glass. Safety waste funnels and 4L (1.1gal.) waste containers are made of high-density polyethylene. The 10L (2.6gal.) waste container is made of fluorinated high-density polyethylene.

Note: For temporary waste disposal only. Bottles are not safety cans as defined by OSHA guidelines.

Closed system makes waste disposal safer and easier. Each system consists of a waste container, removable HDPE funnel and cover, polypropylene closure/funnel adapter, and PTFE vent membrane.

Información para pedidos: The 4L (1.1gal.) system includes safety waste funnel 73520-198 and a 4L (1.1gal.) narrow mouth bottle. The 10L (2.6gal.) system includes safety waste funnel 73520-200 and a 10L (2.6gal.) fluorinated carboy. Secondary containers (sold separately) should be used with Safety Waste Systems during transport, transfer or storage; contact your Avantor representative more more information.
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