Digital 'Pocket' Refractometers and Special Scales, ATAGO®

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Digital 'Pocket' Refractometers and Special Scales, ATAGO®
Refractómetros Refractómetros de mano
These compact, pocket-sized refractometers allow you to take measurements anywhere with ease, indoors or outdoors

The units can take a measurement of a high temperature sample that has been heated or boiled. Rinse off samples easily by running water on the sample stage. The units eliminate the need for frequent zero setting; they only require zero setting at the start of each workday. Three models are available to suit a wide range of measurement needs.

To use, simply place a drop of sample on the prism surface and press the start key. The Brix value will be displayed in 3 seconds on the digital LCD. Units feature ELI (External Light Interference) technology, which provides security when performing measurements outside or near a bright window.

Información para pedidos: One-year manufacturer’s warranty. Supplied with a storage case and two AAA batteries. A calibration certificate is available. Contact your VWR representative for information.
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