Digital 'Palette' Refractometers, ATAGO®

Proveedor: Atago
3488-PR100SA 3452-PR-201A 3486-PET-109 3405-PR-32A 3478-PR50HO 3480 3442-PR-101A 3462-PR-301A 3477-PR60PA
12000-670EA 39350.3 MXN
12000-670 47752-860 12000-672 12000-674 12000-676 97015-910 47752-858 47752-862 47752-864
Digital 'Palette' Refractometers, ATAGO®
Refractómetros Refractómetros de mano
ATAGO offers its “Palette” series digital refractometers for a wide range of applications and industries

Model PR-RI is designed for measuring Refractive Index, the measurement will be diaplayed continuously like an electric newsboard once the sample has been placed.

The PR-32[alpha], PR-101[alpha], PR-201[alpha], and PR-301[alpha] feature ELI (External Light Interference) technology, which provides security when performing measurements outside or near a bright window. They also display measurement temperature and allow the user to create up to three user scales, so that no conversion tables are needed.

Información para pedidos: The PR-32[alpha], PR-101[alpha], PR-201[alpha], and PR-301[alpha] are supplied with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty; all other models are supplied with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Each refractometer is supplied with a 006P dry battery (9V). PR-301[alpha] includes a liquid LG and round sheet. Calibration certificates are available for all models. Contact your VWR representative for information.
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