VWR® Agarose SFR™

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Agarose SFR™
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97064-134CS 58975.01 MXN
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VWR® Agarose SFR™
Geles de eletroforesis Agarosa y acrilamida
Agarose SFR™ (Super Fine Resolution) is a high resolution sieving agarose with excellent clarity. DNA bands differing in size by 2% can be resolved in the range of 200 bp to 1000 bp.

  • Super fine resolution - resolve 238 bp and 242 bp bands
  • Low melting point
  • Nuclease and protease-free

This agarose is suitable for the analysis of AFLPs (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms), STRs (Short Tandem Repeats) and tetranucleotide repeats. The low melting temperature of Agarose SFR™ makes it an excellent medium for analytical and preparative electrophoresis.
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