VWR® Life Science Agarose Gel Loading Dye, Ultra Pure Grade

Proveedor: VWR Life Science
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VWR® Life Science Agarose Gel Loading Dye, Ultra Pure Grade
Tintes Colorantes para electroforesis
  • Ready-to-use
  • Eliminates exposure to irritating and harmful powdered dyes
  • DNase-, RNase-, and protease-free
  • Functionally and analytically tested

VWR electrophoresis gel loading dyes are tested for contaminating DNase, RNase, and protease activity and are sterile filtered for long shelf life and stability. In addition, all dyes are function tested and do not interfere with sample migration. Their ready-to-use format eliminates exposure to potentially irritating and harmful powdered dyes. Agarose Gel Loading Dye is designed to optimize loading nucleic acids in acrylamide and agarose gels by imparting color to the sample to ensure efficient sample distribution into each well. Its blend of three tracking dyes make estimating sample migration simple and reliable.

Dye #1 is a light blue dye that migrates at 4,000 base pairs in 1% agarose. Dye #2 is an indigo dye that migrates at 600 base pairs in 1% agarose. Dye #3 is a magenta dye that migrates at 10 base pairs in 1% agarose. The three dyes migrate independently from the samples, allowing estimation of the migration of the nucleic acids. Dyes contain 15% Ficoll and 30% glycerol.
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