Crimpers, Decrimpers and Decapping Pliers, Thermo Scientific

Proveedor: Thermo Scientific
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66064-268EA 10762.47 MXN
66064-374 66064-362 66064-274 66064-364 66064-268 66030-828 66030-806 66064-344 66030-804 66064-368 66065-598 66030-832 66030-192 66030-196 66030-194 66030-808 66064-270 66064-272 66064-360
Crimpers, Decrimpers and Decapping Pliers, Thermo Scientific
Encapsuladores y desencapsuladores
Tools are designed to manually secure or release standard crimp seals to and from vials.

Decrimper is a user-friendly method of removing crimp seals and is recommended if vials are to be reused. If vials are not to be reused, the decapping pliers are a more economical option.

Crimper is adjustable to accommodate various septa thicknesses.
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