Agarose, Low Melting Point, IBI Scientific

Proveedor: IBI Scientific
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Agarose, Low Melting Point, IBI Scientific
Geles de eletroforesis Agarosa y acrilamida
Low Melting Point Agarose is commonly used as a gel matrix when fragment recovery is desired after electrophoresis

Some features of IBI Low Melt Agarose when compared to standard agarose are higher clarity, greater sieving capacity, and lower gel strength yet still easy to handle.

IBI Low Melt Agarose can be used for DNA electrophoresis, RNA electrophoresis, cloning of tissue culture cells, and viral plague assays. Low Melt Agarose gels will separate and finely resolve molecules that are > 1000bp.

IBI Low Melt Agarose is derived by organic synthesis, which generates methoxylate groups from the basic agarose structure. This produces low melting and gelling temperatures when compared to standard agarose. The lower gelling temperature ensures the agarose will be in a liquid state at a temperature range where "in-gel" manipulations can be performed without prior extraction of the DNA or RNA from the gel slice. Also, the properties of low melt agarose promote quick and thorough digestion of gel slices during extraction procedures.
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