Finntip Flex Pipette Tips, Thermo Scientific

Proveedor: Thermo Scientific
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Finntip Flex Pipette Tips, Thermo Scientific
Puntas de pipetas
The latest breakthrough in pipette tip technology, the Finntip Flex system offers flexible, soft and sophisticated high-end tips for discerning users.

Thermo Scientific Finntip Flex pipette Tips ensure a better seal with the pipetter module, for higher accuracy and precision. The Finntip Flex system consists of a new generation of easy-to-use 10, 200, 300, 1000, 1200 µl and 10 ml tips.

The soft tip reduces the amount of force needed to attach and eject tips, significantly lowering the risk of repetitive stress injury (RSI). It also ensures a better seal with the pipetter module, ensuring higher accuracy and precision.

All elements in the system have been designed to fulfill the most demanding requirements for ergonomics and flexibility in pipetting tasks at today's fast-paced laboratories.

Información para pedidos: Sterile tips are supplied in vacuum sealed, sterilized, 10×96 rack and they are certified to be free from DNA, DNase, RNase and Endotoxins.
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