Spectra/Por® 1-5 Standard RC Dry Dialysis Trial Kits, Spectrum® Laboratories

Proveedor: Spectrum
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Spectra/Por® 1-5 Standard RC Dry Dialysis Trial Kits, Spectrum® Laboratories
Tuberías Tuberías para diálisis
Ideal for small volume dialysis or evaluation of membrane for an application, multi-purpose standard Regenerated Cellulose (RC) tubing is now available in 1 and 5 m length trial kits with a pair of tubing closures.

  • Hydrophilic, symmetric porosity

Standard Regenerated Cellulose (RC) is composed of natural cellulose regenerated from cotton linters, these membranes are perfectly suited for a broad range of laboratory dialysis. This clear and flexible membrane type with a symmetric porosity is economical and sturdy, ideal for desalting, buffer exchanges, macromolecular purifications and other general applications.

Información de suministro: Kit includes 1 or 5 m of Spectra/Por 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 dialysis tubing, 1 standard Spectra/Por closure (for buoyance), 1 weighted Spectra/Por closure (for orientation).
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